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icon Verify MD5 sum
Window mode
  • drop the file on program's icon or running window
  • copy reference MD5 checksum to clipboard
  • program compares computed checksum with clipboard contents
Shell integration
  • be sure to have Shell integration checked at install time
  • right-click on any file
  • choose Verify MD5 checksum
File browsing commands in system menu
  • click on titlebar with right mouse button
  • Select file... and choose arbitrary file to check
  • Write sum to... and append checksum line to the text file
Batch mode
  • to append checksum of „thefile” to text file „sumfile”:
 vmd5 thefile -osumfile
  • to process bunch of files at once:
 @echo off
 if exist md5sum.txt del md5sum.txt
 for %%f in (*.*) do C:\PROGRA~1\vmd5\vmd5.exe %%f -omd5sum.txt
vmd5 is developed with MinGW Developer Studio thus is very compact and fast.
  • 1.03 2011-01-21
    add manifest to achieve modern style of controls
  • 1.02 2011-01-11
    hint moved from button to tooltip control
  • 1.01 2010-08-03
    fixed closing of previous instance
  • 1.00 2010-08-03
    file name on titlebar, minor changes in messages
  • 0.99 2010-07-29
    checksum control changed to button with one-click copy feature.
  • 0.98
    added error message on checksum writing failure
  • 0.97
    fixed mislabelling non-empty files with "(empty)"
  • 0.96
    remains responsible even while processing file
    processing is about 1% faster
  • 0.95
    can close application with Esc key
  • 0.94
    get rid of superfluous file processing on "Write sum" command
  • 0.93
    launching new instance terminates previous one
    true shell integration instead of Send to...
    fixed installer typo leading to label entries with 'Veify' instead of 'Verify'
  • 0.92
    fixed crashes on load/save dialogs
  • 0.91
    added menu option to open this page
    highlight program icon on checksum match
  • 0.90
    allow clipboard content to be terminated with "end-of-line" character(s)
    do not anymore print dash in checksum report
  • 0.89
    extract reported filename (cut off drive/directory part)
    minor code fixups
  • 0.88
    added file commands in system menu
  • 0.87
    fixed icon showing in the task manager
  • 0.86
    first public release
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