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printing panoramic images
This small application was created when I tried to print a panoramic photo and it turned out that none of available programs can do that well. To avoid wasting expensive photo paper, I wanted my picture to fit vertically in the height of a single sheet, and took as many sheets as needed, without losing anything on the edges. Attempts of downloading free tools from the Internet failed. I found only commercial stuff, and demo versions which prints ugly watermarks. Contrary, this program is free, you can download it and use for whatever you wish. It was created in a few hours, so do not expect too much.
  • only JPG and BMP files are supported
  • each additional sheet is repeating on the left side 1 mm from the previous one, handy for cutting and sticking
  • the right margin is enlarged for easy gluing
  • read carefully hints emerging from the buttons - it must suffice for the entire manual
sample images
If you do not have your own panoramic photos, you can try on my ones.
Remember that the printed image usually looks darker and fade than on the screen, so you should illuminate it a little ( button with Shift).

Storm is comming

Wireless communication

more examples


Polish summer

Bieszczady Mountains

November 2011

Wedding in Poland woodcut-like

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