5th Element
is addictive more
than you can expect
I do not boast, writing about addiction, because the game is not my original idea. In 1998 I have seen casually such a game, and soon wrote a replica on PC, just because I have observed the phenomenon of its narcotic effect on the players. Original had a very poor graphics and numerous errors, obstructing its use. I decided to relieve the distress of colleagues who have suffered when the game crashed at the worst moments. And now, it's time for Android clone.
The name 5th Element was obviously taken from Luc Besson's famous movie. The game in no way relates to the content of the film, but is merely a tribute to my favorite director. I do not receive or pay any royalties on that basis. In case of trouble I'm going to base my defense on the fact that, in my opinion, this game is more advertising for the film than vice versa. In the worst case I'll just change the name.
The game is intended for one person. On the board made ​​up of hexagonal boxes, in random places appears different stones, called perversely elements. Touching stone appoint it to move, then touching the empty box moves it to the box, provided that there is a free path connecting specified places. Setting at least five matching elements together in a straight line will result in the disappearance of these elements, then each disappeared element advances score by one point. The game ends when all boxes on the board are occupied.
Despite such simple principles, an effective strategy is not trivial, requires logical thinking, and taking into account many factors at once. Good style is the result of daring, calculated risk, and reasonable compromise. You can see that novices usually end up with two-digit result, while the results of the champions are expressed in thousands.
The game is especially recommended for smartphones' novice users, because it allows the inoffensive way to improve the accuracy of handling tactile devices.
required permissions
This application does not need any permissions, except of ones required by ads. Many games require authorization to block screen blanking, but I suggest to use a separate application for this purpose. Equipping each program with blanking suppressor violates, in my opinion, the idea of modular system construction.
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Change log:
  • 0.93 2013-08-19
    Fized sound issues
    Removed ads
  • 0.92 2012-12-21
    Added sound switch
  • 0.91 2012-08-10
    Top scores window does not disappear anymore on touch outside
  • 0.90 2012-08-03
    minor fixes
  • 0.89 2012-08-02
    fixed issues with New game option
  • 0.88 2012-07-29
    Synchronous handling of touch events
  • 0.87 2012-07-25
    English and Polish languages
    added band with ads
  • 0.86 2012-06-05
    even more fixes
  • 0.83 2012-05-25
    many minor fixes
  • 0.50 2012-03-28
    first release, for testing by friends and relatives
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Start of the game After few moves Landscape, with another shapes of stones Game over
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