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icon Serial Number Spy
Window mode
  • Show window with MS Windows system serial number
  • Number is placed on button, ready to copy with one click
Batch mode
  • To append report to text file sn.txt, do:
 snspy sn.txt
In this mode application doesn't display window, just write report line to the file and exit.
The report line looks like:
00000-00000-00000-00000-00000 * 00:00:00:00:00:00 user@HOME
where consecutive items are:
  • Windows serial number
  • Modern system flag (* for XP or newer)
  • Ethernet interface hardware address (MAC)
  • IP number
  • User name and computer name
Program doesn't duplicate entries in report file as long as the MAC address remains the same, so report can be safely requested multiple times. Insert SNSpy command into network logon script and place report file on network drive to force all machines in LAN to register themselves on startup.
Note: in systems with more network interfaces it looks only for the first one.
change log
  • 0.31 2015-03-03
    ● renewed icon
  • 0.30 2011-02-26
    ● adapted to 64-bit systems
    ● tooltip added on button
    ● better look in modern systems
  • 0.20 2010-09-05
    ● edit control replaced with button
    ● program icon added in About... box
  • 0.10
    ● first public release
This application does not use Windows registry and doesn't require installation. Just drop the executable file anywhere you wish and use it. In particular, the pendrive is a good "anywhere". For those who choose a simple and organized living, the installable version is supplied.
SNSpy is developed with MinGW Developer Studio thus is very compact and fast.
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