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what's going on
This simple tool allows you to add the item to the context menu for files in Windows. Simply select the program you want to use to open different files and type an entry in the RMB menu, which will trigger this action.
The program adds an element in the Windows registry in the branch HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\*\shell and of course you can do the same with the standard tool regedit. However, it is more difficult and less safe.  
RMB Menu is developed with MinGW Developer Studio thus is very compact and fast.
change log
  • 0.95 2012-09-08
    Creates shell key if is doesn't exist
  • 0.94 2012-09-07
    ability to remove entries from the menu!
    and many minor improvements
  • 0.02 2011-03-10
    strip superfluous quotes from commandline argument
  • 0.01 2011-03-06
    first ALPHA release
installation & details
This application doesn't require installation. Just drop the executable file anywhere you wish and use it.
If altering the registry in your system require special permissions, you must have such privileges.
Note: The author has made every effort to ensure that the program do what it should, however, he does not accept responsibility if, in practice proved it doesn't.
Any liability for any act or inaction of the program and the damage caused by it rests solely with the user of program.
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