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Microsoft™ in its bulletin describes problems with Remote Desktop caused by errors of licensing. One of the presented ways to avoid problems is to remove the license key
This program performs this operation on your behalf, freeing you from digging in the Windows registry, which is potentially dangerous. Additionally, the program automatically calls the terminal client, which results in regeneration of deleted entry.
Contrary to recommendations, a copy of a deleted registry hive is not done, So if you think you need it, do it yourself before running the program. I admit that in practice I've never experienced such a need.
If altering the registry in your system require special permissions, you must have such privileges.
MSTermLM, another program of similar effect, popular in the web, unfortunately, can not cope in a 64-bit systems, which inspired me to commit this work.
  • 0.10 2012-09-20
    no complains, promoted to BETA
  • 0.10 2011-03-28
    first release, ALPHA stage
installation and details
This program requires no installation. Simply place the file anywhere and use it. Since the only visible symptom of execution of the program is to run the terminal client, and the regeneration of the license is done transparently, you can always run the terminal client through this program to free yourself radically from the trouble of licensing.
Note: The author has made every effort to ensure that the program do what it should, however, does not accept responsibility if, in practice proved otherwise.
Any liability for any act or inaction of the program and the damage caused by it rests solely with the user of program.  
RDP Wash&Go is developed with MinGW Developer Studio thus is very compact and fast.
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