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As an admin of Ethernet network with Windows 98 boxes, I liked WINIPCFG application, handy for reading of network adapter parameters and to renew the lease of DHCP-assigned address.
Unfortunately, in Windows XP, this nice application refused to cooperate, but there was the other one with similar functions, named WNTIPCFG.
The joy did not last long, because in Windows 7 none of the above does not work, and I couldn't find another similar tool.
In such conditions, there was nothing left except of write the application from scratch. It is much more modest, because it shows only the name of the network card, MAC and IP addresses, and allows to renew the lease, but it works in any of the above systems.
lista zmian
  • 0.70 2015-04-07
    ● supports WiFi adapters
  • 0.60 2015-03-07
    ● initial release
installation & details
This application does not use Windows registry and doesn't require installation. Just drop the executable file anywhere you wish and use it. In particular, the pendrive is a good "anywhere". For those who choose simple and organized living, the installable version is supplied.
SNSpy is developed with MinGW Developer Studio thus is very compact and fast.
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